Latvia, best enjoyed slowly!

Riga is the largest of the Baltic capitals. As opposed to Tallinn and Vilnius, Riga has a real city-feel. This curiosity-trip of the Baltic states immediately following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Riga represent architectural beauty, fashionable shopping, culinary experiences, exciting nightlife and the contrasts of Old and New Europe. Latvia is more than modern European cities. They give you amazing experiences of nature, historical castles, sports activities and luxury spa resorts. Latvia has even a beautiful coast just a half an hour drive from Riga.

Dubai, discover all that’s possible…

Superlatives, surrealistic, over and over again more hallucinating. With a glass of bubbles on an exclusive yacht direction Palm Islands.
Zooming above the numerous sky-high buildings by helicopter.

Isolated in the desert you experience a breathtaking sunset. Or you savour an overwhelming Oriental dinner during a traditional dhow cruise on the creek. Dune bashing with a four-wheel drive or fun driving with sand buggies. Sand skiing or skiing on real snow at one of the most hot places on earth. In Dubai the sky is not even the limit !

Canada, keep exploring!

From east to west, from north to south. A huge country on the Northern hemisphere. Be plunged in a world of fantastic fauna and flora, genius history, adventurous activities and overwhelming discoveries. Canada has a lot to offer and is easily reachable from Belgium.

Looking for bears during Indian summer! Getting lost in the attractive streets and beautiful squares of Montreal and Quebec. Enjoying a tasteful glass of liquor on a terrace or a though speedboat ride on the St Lawrence River. A hockey clinic with the team or canoeing on the lake ? By water plane direction the enchanting inland with rough nature and desolate places. Canada has it all !

Bhutan, happiness is a place!

Bhutan is stuck in the Himalaya Mountains, between Tibet and India.
Bhutan’s landscape ranges from plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres. It is one of least frequented countries in the world, with an age-old culture and traditions.

The spectacular mountain scenery is impressive, a visit to the unique and authentic ‘Dzongs’ (convent fortresses) makes you feel small, being immersed in attractive local celebrations make you glow of happiness. While enjoying a butter tea with a Bhutanese family you get acquainted with a special way of life.
The beauty and splendour of the winter palace Dzong in Punakha will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the ceremonies of the monks or enjoy a breathtaking adventure in the Village Lodge. Visit the colourful market and get mingled with the Bhutanese people, be amazed by the Bhutanese kitchen, where red and green peppers are indispensable.

Of course a visit to the generally known Tiger’s Nest should be part of your visit! A walk up there is a unique experience with the world-famous Takstang monastery as a climax ! After all of this a wonderfully relaxing massage is a must ….

Chile, all are welcome!

A narrow strip of 6000 kilometres long and hardly 200 kilometres wide. Blessed with a surprising palette of landscapes and climates. Inspiring!

Enjoy in and around the prosperous and modern Santiago de Chile – thanks to the rich colonial past you can find a store of splendid ancient buildings – with among other things the artistic quarter Bellavista and the colourful market on Los Dominicos. The cable-way brings you to Cerro San Cristobal where you can enjoy the incredible view over the lively city and the surrounding valleys, … In no time you arrive in the Andes mountains, in El Colorado where you can go skiing for one day, or you can laze on one of the most heavenly beaches of South America!

From the volcanic north, magic and dry as a desert, the greenish blue heart with impenetrable forests, valuable world class vineyards, crystal-clear lakes…

Dazzling glaciers, glittering snow tops and icy pampas in southern Patagonia, or also more than worthwhile : the attractive oasis city San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert, with active hot springs, the endless salt plains, the surrealistic moon landscape… or admire the huge Moai sculptures on the mysterious Easter Island…

Wonderful Bali

Bali, a gift from the Gods. A breathtaking nature, a curious culture and marvellous beaches.
An enchanting destination with flying flags along the roads, hundreds of Hindu temples, religious customs and most of all caring residents.

A voyage of discovery along small villages (kampongs) between the rice fields or staying in the most exclusive hotels. Experience a superb cycling tour or an exotic boat trip. Or do you choose a high speed trip on a raft in Ubud and a crazy hike tour through the wilds ?
A soothing massage makes you feel like a newborn person.