Latvia, best enjoyed slowly!

Riga is the largest of the Baltic capitals. As opposed to Tallinn and Vilnius, Riga has a real city-feel.

Riga offers architectural beauty, fashionable shopping, culinary experiences, exciting nightlife and a sharp contrast between old and new Europe. But Latvia is more than just the city of Riga. Discover amazing nature and historical castles, partake in exciting sports activities, relax at a luxury spa resort or enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches in the East, just a 30min drive from Riga.

Lisbon, Europe’s leading city destination.

After a short flight you arrive in a sparkling world with Moorish and Arabic influences, magical architecture, great food and fashionable shopping possibilities, surrounded by the the Tagus river and the Atlantic Ocean. Wander amongst the orange and fig trees in the magnificent nature of Sintra or discover Estoril and its golden sandy beaches.

Explore the city through a cool rally by cart or bike while enjoying delicious delicacies on the way. Hop on one of the typical trams and enjoy local specialities served by professional waiters. Go treasure hunting in Sintra during a cabriolet contest accompanied by a GPS and a personalized roadbook or ride a horse carriage towards an authentic Portuguese castle for a port tasting or FADO performance .

Do you prefer a sailing regatta or beach games as a team building activity?
There are plenty of compelling possibilities in Portugal!

Turkey, be our guest!

Head to Prince Island by speed boat, canoe on the Gold Horn or discover the Aya Sofia or Blue Mosque after closing time. Relax in a Turkish Bath. Visit the Sulthanet district in a horse carriage. Enjoy a classic kebab at noon, dine in a refined fish restaurant along the water or eat in style at Reina’s.

Cappadocia: immerse yourself in an adventurous and mystical atmosphere. Take a balloon ride over this astonishing natural phenomenon and enjoy a chic cocktail at sunset. Explore nature on a heroic hike, a challenging mountainbike tour, on a quad or a horse ride. Do you prefer to go off the beaten track? Then go off road with an amazing 4×4.

Say yes to Jordan!

Magnificent World heritage discoveries: Petra, Wadi Rum, the Red and Dead Sea, the unique Jerash and the always active capital Amman. Mythical mosques, colossal churches and gorgeous synagogues, all next to each other. The Royal automobile museum with an awesome old-timer collection. Limited distances between a diversified offer of impressive sights.

A Roman breakfast at the entrance of little Petra or with a sensational steam train from Aqaba to Wadi Rum in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Spending the night under a starry night sky in a Bedouin camp or being a guest at a traditional wedding until the early morning hours? Floating on the Dead Sea with a newspaper in your hands, enjoying a mud and sea salt massage.

Bhutan, happiness is a place!

Bhutan is stuck in the Himalaya Mountains, between Tibet and India.
Bhutan’s landscape ranges from plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres. It is one of the least frequented countries in the world, with an age-old culture and unique traditions.

The spectacular mountain scenery is impressive, a visit to the unique and authentic ‘Dzongs’ (convent fortresses) makes you feel small. Being involved in local celebrations makes you glow with happiness. Enjoy a butter tea with a Bhutanese family and get acquainted with a special way of life.
The beauty and splendour of the winter palace Dzong in Punakha will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the ceremonies of the monks or enjoy a breathtaking adventure in the Village Lodge. Visit the colourful markets and mingle with the Bhutanese people. Be amazed by the Bhutanese kitchen, where red and green peppers are indispensable.

Of course a visit to the well known Tiger’s Nest should be part of your visit! A walk up there is a unique experience with the world-famous Takstang monastery at the finish line! Afterwards, a wonderfully relaxing massage is a must ….

Argentina, discover its unique rhythm.

Discover the huge Iguazu waterfalls in the north. Be impressed by the Andes mountains, the deep-blue lakes, the vast mountain scenery, volcanoes and forests. Immerse yourself in the worldly, colourful city of Buenos Aires. Enjoy the unspoilt nature in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the deep South.

From Ushuaia, the so-called ‘end of the world’ and gate to Antarctica you can cruise to the impressive ice fields, huge glaciers and massive mountain peaks. Travel alongside whales, orcas, dolphins, sea lions and penguins.
Taste wonderful Argentinian wines in the Mendoza area. Visit the colonial Salta in the northwest, Cafayate and Molinos, a sensational region of impressive gorges, rock formations and salt lakes with a charming population, descending from the highland Indians.

Learn how to dance the tango in lively Buenos Aires. Drive a bicycle through the colourful Bohemian quarters, taste the famous Argentinian steaks or experience a real expedition on the Perito Moreno glacier. Go horse riding through the Cuyo mountains. Get wet during an adventurous rafting trip and travel through the desolate landscape in south Patagonia with 4×4 jeeps. Go fishing in one of the many lakes and rivers. You’ll be amazed with all that’s on offer in Argentina!

La bella Italia!

Wine, pasta, mozarella, La dolce vita. Breathtaking Apennines in the North, extensive olive groves and vineyards in the centre. Soft sandy beaches along the Adriatic coast and charismatic cultural cities spread all over the country. The ideal starting point for fanatic fashionistas and enthusiastic gastronomes.

Climbing volcanoes in Sicily or sailing around one of the many islands. Cycling along the famous Flower Riviera or strolling around in phenomenal Capri. Riding a scooter through Umbria or hiking along endless lakes. Nature, culture, gastronomy and enjoying life match perfectly over here.

Rendez-vous in France!

France, a true garden of pleasure. Looking for the beaches of the invasion of Normandy?
A visit to the horse stables and the casino of Deauville? Enjoying lobster and seafood on “ les planches de Deauville’?

Taste cider, calvados and regional cheeses or visit Bordeaux and discover the Grand Crus, the bay of Arcachon, delicious oysters, the highest dune of Europe and cruise along the vineyards in an oldtimer. In one word: extraordinary !

And then there’s the South of France : sunny and wonderful. The mountains and the sea, culture, gastronomy, luxury and nature. Play petanque in St Paul de Vence, enjoy fresh seafood in Nice or create your own perfume in Fragonard. Go to the famous flower market and taste a typical ‘Tarte Tropezienne’. Escape in style to Monaco and have a luxury lunch on the beach of Menton.

Malta, truly Mediterranean

Welcome to the heart of the Mediterranean. A royal climate, vivid springs, sultry summers and wonderful winters. Cities from the Middle Ages and traces from ancient times with influences from the East and the African continent.

A roadtrip in an old-timer, having lunch in an inviting small fishing port or dining in exquisite palaces? A luxurious picnic on one of the dazzling beaches or a care-free sailing regatta. With a speedboat to Gozo and diving in the bay of Xlendi. With a 4×4 or quads along the saltpans or a teambuilding activity in Popeye Village.

Sensational Brasil!

Brazil, a country of contrasts, adventure and challenges. From the gigantic Amazon rainforest to golden white sandy beaches, from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador de Bahia. The wild Iguazu falls or the open pampas. Dancing on the samba rhythm and celebrating carnival with a caipirinha in hand.

Discover Rio de Janeiro by helicopter, go biking along Copacabana beach and play a friendly game against the local football club.
Visit the home of Pele or race with a buggy on the beach. Search for lovely turtles, wander around in Pelourinho de Salvador de Bahia or go hiking in the rainforest and see if you can spot any local wildlife!