Chile, all are welcome!

Chile, rich in contrast!

A narrow strip of 6000 kilometres long and hardly 200 kilometres wide. Blessed with a surprising palette of landscapes and climates.

Enjoy the surroundings of prosperous and modern Santiago de Chile. Thanks to the rich colonial past you can find a store of splendid ancient buildings. There’s the artistic quarter Bellavista and the colourful market on Los Dominicos. The cable-way brings you to Cerro San Cristobal where you can enjoy the incredible view over the lively city and the surrounding valleys. In no time you arrive in the Andes mountains, in El Colorado where you can go skiing for a day, or you can laze on one of the most heavenly beaches of South America!

Discover the volcanic north, magic and dry as a desert, the greenish blue heart with impenetrable forests, world class vineyards and crystal-clear lakes…

Dazzling glaciers, glittering snow tops and icy pampas in southern Patagonia. Also worthwhile: the attractive oasis city San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert, with active hot springs, endless salt plains and a surrealistic moon landscape. Or admire the huge Moai sculptures on the mysterious Easter Island.


  • Santiago de Chile
  • Artistic quarter Bellavista
  • Colourful market on Los Dominicos
  • Cerro San Cristobal
  • Skiing in the Andes mountains
  • Glaciers and icy pampas
  • Atacama desert
  • Hot springs
  • Salt plains
  • Moai sculptures
  • ...

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