Dubai, discover all that’s possible…

Surreal and over the top, always trying to make a bigger and better impression, that’s Dubai.

Sailing on an exclusive yacht to the Palm Islands, with a glass of bubbles in hand. Zooming between the numerous skyscrapers in a helicopter. Witnessing a spectaculair sunset in the middle of the desert or savouring a delicious Oriental dinner during a traditional dhow cruise. Dune bashing in a four-wheel drive or in fun little sand buggies. Sand skiing or skiing on real snow in one of the hottest places on earth…

In Dubai, not even the sky is the limit!

Turkey, be our guest!

Head to Prince Island by speed boat, canoe on the Gold Horn or discover the Aya Sofia or Blue Mosque after closing time. Relax in a Turkish Bath. Visit the Sulthanet district in a horse carriage. Enjoy a classic kebab at noon, dine in a refined fish restaurant along the water or eat in style at Reina’s.

Cappadocia: immerse yourself in an adventurous and mystical atmosphere. Take a balloon ride over this astonishing natural phenomenon and enjoy a chic cocktail at sunset. Explore nature on a heroic hike, a challenging mountainbike tour, on a quad or a horse ride. Do you prefer to go off the beaten track? Then go off road with an amazing 4×4.

Say yes to Jordan!

Magnificent World heritage discoveries: Petra, Wadi Rum, the Red and Dead Sea, the unique Jerash and the always active capital Amman. Mythical mosques, colossal churches and gorgeous synagogues, all next to each other. The Royal automobile museum with an awesome old-timer collection. Limited distances between a diversified offer of impressive sights.

A Roman breakfast at the entrance of little Petra or with a sensational steam train from Aqaba to Wadi Rum in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Spending the night under a starry night sky in a Bedouin camp or being a guest at a traditional wedding until the early morning hours? Floating on the Dead Sea with a newspaper in your hands, enjoying a mud and sea salt massage.

Incredible India!

India is a country with an exceptionally rich history. It is more than 5000 years old and houses almost one billion inhabitants. It is the country of one thousand colours and the wonderful smell of jasmine, from the golden sandy hills of the Indian desert and the Aravalli hills to the numerous cities up Norht and the endless white beaches in the south.

Delhi, the elegant capital city, with its impressive street life, full of narrow streets alley ways and jingling rickshas. The dynamic and colourful old Delhi with busy bazars and Moghul architecture and New Delhi, a business centre with broad boulevards and a varied look.

The graceful Red Fort, the Jama Mashid (the largest mosque of India) and the Qutab Minar complex with its high tower are absolutely worthwhile. Stay in one of the majestical hotels where you are treated like a queen.
The exotic Rajasthan with its rich culture and history, its countless forts and huge palaces. Enjoy a lunch in a green oasis, arrange your own cricket or elephant polo competition, take a ride on a camel and enjoy the sunset with a glass of champagne. Feel like a king or queen during your stay in the wonderful Samode Palace or experience a magical night in a real campsite…. under an unforgettable starry sky.

The Ganges is a sacred, holy river, worshipped by the Hindus. Take a trip on a boat and experience a traditional evening ceremony… a very special adventure! After all, it is believed that bathing in the Ganges purifies the soul.
Visit the Pink City, or stay – in true James Bond style – in the Lake Palace. Explore the countryside with a colourful Jugaad. Of course a ride on a tonga to the Taj Mahal – the most romantic monument in the world – should also be part of your visit.

Khajuraho with its erotic images is unique in the world, riding a bike along the temple complex and through the local villages.
Why not cross the country with the Maharadjas Express? This Express is the most luxurious in the world, an experience in itself !

Further south, we find countless rice fields and palm trees, discover the backwaters and sleep on a traditional house boat.
Rest on the heavenly beaches of Goa and enjoy an Ayurveda treatment

Bhutan, happiness is a place!

Bhutan is stuck in the Himalaya Mountains, between Tibet and India.
Bhutan’s landscape ranges from plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres. It is one of the least frequented countries in the world, with an age-old culture and unique traditions.

The spectacular mountain scenery is impressive, a visit to the unique and authentic ‘Dzongs’ (convent fortresses) makes you feel small. Being involved in local celebrations makes you glow with happiness. Enjoy a butter tea with a Bhutanese family and get acquainted with a special way of life.
The beauty and splendour of the winter palace Dzong in Punakha will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the ceremonies of the monks or enjoy a breathtaking adventure in the Village Lodge. Visit the colourful markets and mingle with the Bhutanese people. Be amazed by the Bhutanese kitchen, where red and green peppers are indispensable.

Of course a visit to the well known Tiger’s Nest should be part of your visit! A walk up there is a unique experience with the world-famous Takstang monastery at the finish line! Afterwards, a wonderfully relaxing massage is a must ….

Wonderful Bali

Bali, a gift from the Gods. Breathtaking nature, a curious culture and marvellous beaches.
An enchanting destination with flying flags along the roads, hundreds of Hindu temples, religious customs and most of all, caring residents.

Go on a voyage along small villages (kampongs) between the rice fields or stay in the most exclusive hotels. Experience a superb cycling tour or an exotic boat trip. Choose a high speed trip on a raft in Ubud or go on a crazy hiking tour through the wilderness. Either way, enjoy a soothing, traditional massage afterwards and feel reborn.